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Administration Sites

Innovative Solutions understands that as your company continues to grow and your products, prices, and information can continue to change frequently, you may prefer to have the ability to update the content of your website yourself. Along with your website, we can create what is called an administration site that gives you the ability to manage your website online. No fancy html coding or expensive, hard-to-use programs, simply login at anytime and update the content of your web pages online - with just a click of your mouse!

How does it work? It's simple. Once our team of designers and programmers have created and launched your website, we will develop a user-friendly administration site to allow online editing capabilities. You simply login to your administration site with your private user name and password and point and click your way to updating the content of your website pages.

Our administration site software is proprietary to the websites that we design, so it is only available with our website design services. Add an administration site to your website package today for as little as $299!